Saturday, February 25, 2012

All too much

The Windys' Waltz

One, two three....

.. by this time it was all going blurry. My legs were tangled with Eve's, I had chunks out my shins and we were doing our best impression of Ms Widdicombe x 2. It was fun though. The teacher was brill - if unrelenting. Four hours to cover all of the waltz. I mean all of it. At least the minor celebs on TV get a week so I'm told.

The collective effort of the day brought down a curtain rail in the ballroom [sorry! ] and warmed the freezing room to boiling by the end the day. My Windy enjoyed himself too dancing Mrs W into the ground. I too am exhausted and bed beckons soon. I just hope I can move in the morning :-)

 Mr Windy having fun

Meanwhile, as Eve and I were struggling to keep in time, lurching this way and that and generally making a fool of ourselves, our pal Anne was dangling on a wire below the coastguard helicopter. Anne had the misfortune to break her ankle while out walking and wasn't too keen on taking the easy route back to the hospital [they were in the middle of Harris somewhere] - until she saw the nice helicopter crew - then she thought she might just take the chance!
Hope you get well soon Anne.


steve said...

Love the Windys' waltz

Ian said...

Really like these - even my mugshot (and particularly the windy waltz) :)