Monday, February 27, 2012

People and all that.

 My father in his younger days

We are not long back from sauntering round England and, clearing out my late mother's house where she and Dad lived for some years after retiring from running a couple of large youth hostels with Mum. Can't think of how much hard work that was - running first Slimbridge and Ironbridge hostels. Before that Dad was an electrician in the Navy on Minesweepers and then later in hospitals. Doesn't he look grand in his uniform in this wonderful print I found.

Mum on other hand was a Sergeant in the Army [although it's hard to imagine I must say] with Winston Churchill's daughter and while bringing up us lot [my sisters and I] she worked voluntarily as a nurse on nights a couple of days a week. After retirement Mum then went on to run a B&B and continued until her 87th year. If only I had that sort of energy.

 Calum welding in the rain

There is someone I know up here who still works in his shed in town as a blacksmith - maker of all things metal especially the local Tairgseir for the tortuous peat cutting -  and really nice chappie fellow me lad. A little bit of torrential rain is not going to stop his welding something to something else whilst sat on an old crate. I wasn't in the rain myself but passing by in my horseless carriage. I stopped, wound the window down and snapped him up.

I might add here, a little tentatively perhaps that I got a few pagers in Notes, the magazine/pamphlet of Scottish Photographers where they reproduced some of my blog posts noting; there is a gentle madness about the Blog. I'm flattered although I'm not so sure about the 'gentle' to be honest.

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Ian said...

What a wonderful portrait of your father :)