Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pelforth Brune

We are, as I type, sitting in the summer parlour, warming our toes on the fire and sipping a fine glass of Pelforth Brune. It's beer - the proper stuff - from France and everything - via Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire where we bought it.. And no, we have none left , just in case you were suddenly planning a quick visit.

Classy [blurred] shot from the Konica Pop camera. 

We have, as you might have worked out, been away from t'island. Visiting relatives and what have you. And friends. Special mention to Murphy and Ted who we got to know . Photees to come later but in the meantime you feast your eyes on this gem I found lurking on the floor when I got home.

And while you are waiting to see the next post here, check out Scottish Photographers too. You might see an image you recognise.


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Sure there's not a bottle left for me? ;-)