Friday, February 17, 2012

Cabbage patch

Did I tell you I was back home? No? Well I am. We are actually.

Nothing nicer then a visit to the in-laws at the cabbage patch house for a few days to prepare oneself for the rest of the break. Bonky [aka Mother-in-law] was in great form devouring the news in the morn, the crossword in the afternoon and generally being the lovely person she is. The cabbage patch house was full. Eve's sister and husband - whose house it is - were there as were their daughter, her husband their two boys - Moon-Biscuit and   The Lone Ranger. And us !

The Cabbage Patch

I developed a roll of Orwo n74 rated at 1600 asa for too little time in the faithful Rodinal so we have a  limited selection of images to peruse here. Still, the Kiev II seemed to like the place.

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