Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sometimes wrong is just right

Mr David Brown

Got a bit OTea-ed today. I had the pleasure of visiting Mr Brown in the village after a brisk walk in the rain. The water dripped of my waterproofs as I sat holding my first cup of tea of the morning listening, fascinated to David. He is a real knowledgeable man on birds in particular and has a published work on the islands birds. It's in the Stornoway library if you want to read it. Not surprising he knows so much since he was a estate gillie for years. I shall be back to drink his tea again and learn a great deal more about the island fauna in the process.

Then it was Stephan's turn to suffer my visitation.which was cruel really since he was already suffering from the after effects of a bad dose of flu. Being ahead of the game, I'd had a flu jab last year for just such a time. So, smugly I sat and chatted while Stephan sat and coughed. Then I was off down to see Royston and Zig where I soaked another cup of tea with a welcome apple pie.

Since the rain was still coming down when I got home, I processed a roll of film - badly but liked the result anyway. That's what you get when you allow incompetence to seep into your life !

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