Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Adox MCC

Not sure what to do about this; I spend ages fumblin round in the dark from time to time, turning out what to me are rather nice prints. They look black and white - when I don't throw them in sepia - with bits of grey too. Detail where it should be and everything. The subject is not too bad, the paper just right. But when I come to scan them to post here they just look horrible - blown out out whites and loads of grain. Would welcome any advice. I use a Canon 880f and Vuescan.

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Suzanne Révy said...

I find with scanning prints (and negatives, frankly) that I need to make the settings for the image quite low in contrast. A beautiful subtle highlight is hard for a scanner to deal with, so if you scan it quite low in contrast, then it should pick up some tone, then I adjust the contrast in PS after. My equipment is different, so YMMV, of course, but that's how I've solved this problem. Mostly through trial and error!!