Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A turn of events

It seems that there are plans afoot to build 13 large wind-turbines near the village here. Interesting, since the only people who seem to know about it are the local crofters. I wonder why? Actually, I do think I know why but don't wish to put it here.

If anyone has any further information about these plans I'd be very interested to hear about it.

Still, the rain has stopped, met my work colleagues in town for a coffee and took some snaps too. So not all a bad day


Anonymous said...

Public presentation was made at the beginning of the year in the community hall by the people who are going to build the turbines

Anonymous said...


Do we know who the people or company are who are going to build the 13 turbines

Andrea Ingram said...

Renewables 2020

Anonymous said...

what is our councillor saying about all this? i thought it was 1 turbine for the village, do we really want 13 turbines?

Andrea Ingram said...

Apparently, it's under consideration by the grazing committee and the Trust. Then it will go to planning and general consultation. As far as I know