Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Velodrome

Old pals at the Velodrome

Just before the test event happened at the Olympic Velodrome in Londinium - where Sir Chris won, Victoria and Jesse broke a world record and won and the women's team pusuit team did the same - Eve and I were visiting my old place of work. The Manchester Velodrome seems to have grown in size since I was there with the new BMX track next door and a wonderful restaurant as well. Lovely to be there again and such a lovely welcome from the staff and riders we still know. The Vets session was on at the time so we popped down to see  who was there and came across these old pals. They don't seem to be getting any older while I age too quickly for words. Am I missing something?

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gz said...

They don't seem to get to much slower either!