Friday, February 17, 2012

Stroud and beyond

Stroud - or a bit of it anyway

We visited Stroud on our English travels. A short stop to stretch the legs, breath the air and enjoy the delights of the arts centre cafe. It's a nice-ish place stuck on the edge of the Cotswolds - not contaminated too much by the lovies of the interior and retaining much of it's rather down at heal feel I remember from years back when I used to visit more often. Please don't write to me if you live there - it is after all, just my jaundiced opinion of the place.
Frosty morning in the orchard

Later we arrived at my dear sister's place on the Somerset Levels where we stayed a few days whilst sorting out our late Mum's house. It's for sale BTW. One morning we had a proper frost and everything so I took off into Lynne's orchard to take a few portraits there - with James Ravilious in mind.


Mike said...

Very nice shots. You seem to be channeling Fox Talbot in the first.

MalcolmJ said...

The times I've walked past this view and not seen the value of it. Wish I had your 'gentle eye'.