Sunday, March 04, 2012

Bin out on bike - again

How did that happen then? Twice on the bike in one week. Two days of sunshine too. Only 25 miles in total but it's a start isn't it? And on the mountain bike too - that's always harder work. My road bikes are in the loft and in another's garage so I have little choice at the moment. But I may just have to get them.........
We could have cycled here - but didn't. We went to Bac and back instead. Into the wind on the way out, back with the sun and the wind on our backs. You see, I still remember that!

And the day before we were Waltzing for a few hours too - well, what passes for waltzing anyway. Had a lot of fun I might add though. Mr Windy took a snap and sent it over. I reproduce it, with permission, below.

Obviously, Mr Windy managed to snap us up during the bit when we were not looking our best.

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