Friday, March 02, 2012



I was out on the bike yesterday. [The Mountain bike as it happens, my road and tack bikes are in the loft along with the tandem while my other road byke resides in a garage elsewhere in the village] The first time out on the bike for a year. The warmish sun and surprising lack of wind tempted me out.

 [part of ]My route

It wasn't long before I took to the old road along the coast, dodging sheep and potholes on what could be a wonderful cycle trail for locals and visitors alike. My legs felt ok, my bottom less so. I think the long sojourn off the bike had softened those bits! Still, I had the descent into Gress to enjoy before I turned off to joyride round the village itself. Back to the coast [we are only talking 1 mile in total for this detour] I passed by the football stadium then sat and enjoyed the vista while having a snackette to sustain me.

 Football stadium

And here's evidence of sorts; my bike at Gress.
Bike at rest

I am a bit cranky this morning. The legs ache - but that's normal I seem to remember. Hoping to be able to keep this progress up - once I have managed to get past the waltzing practice on Saturday.

Hoping my cycling friends will be reading this - especially M&M in Aus!

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Ian said...

Nice one :-)

L'eroica 2013 (seeing as this year's has sold out already!)