Monday, March 19, 2012

Monster Pushkin has taken up residence

It seems we have a new tenant with Monster Pushkin moving in. At least while the weather is a bit rough - as it is at the moment. Not sure where he comes from or whether he will stay but he is welcome while he is here.

Sunday saw much better weather than today - so much so that birthday girl Eve and I took ourselves off to Harris for the day. What a  wonderful day for a stroll from Strond to Rodel and round about. Even if the cafes and pubs were either shut or not serving food. Good job the sandwiches had been packed.

Master Leica
I'm not sure Master Leica would have been overly impressed if there had been nothing to eat - just like he was less than impressed with my Olympus OM1n - and just like he was less then impressed with my Minolta before.

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Laurie said...

You are right! Same look, more hair! Very funny.