Friday, April 20, 2012

All lith-ed up

I have some old Agfa Portriga paper kindly gifted to me a while back. Did I say it was old? As a result some people don't like the prints from it. Granted, the highlights are a bit muddy and what have you - but I like prints like that so all is well. It also works great in Lith developer though and since work have actually paid me my overtime, I lashed out and bought some Rollei Creative Lith.

The sun was shining yesterday - could not have been a better day really and my walk took me to a favourite snapping spot out by 'our' peat bank. Yes, yes, I showed some snaps from that yesterday too.

Anyway, the Hasselblad came with me loaded with HP5. I shot this in the morning, developed it at midday and printed in the afternoon. It's dry now.


gz said...

so satisfying to take an image, develop and print and have it there in your hand.

A good image too

Laurie said...

oh wow!