Saturday, April 21, 2012

We have friends in high places you know

Not sure why I said - 'friends in high places" and all that. I was just trying to impress you all I suppose. Did I?
No? Ok, I shall move on.

The soon to be wed Anne

I snook over to see her who will be soon wed this week. While Toots was away on the mainland seeing old pals and the like, Anne and I took ourselves off to Oiseval Gallery in Brue to peruse the lovely images on show there - and drink their tea in the conservatory as the sun poured in. Twas lovely. Even He who shall not be photographed [pictured below] joined in the fun modelling his wedding outfit [see blow] for the great day to come. Not everyone was impressed with it as it happens.

He who shall not be photographed shows off his wedding outfit.

We had a lovely time anyway - even though the continued trip to Morven Gallery up the road ended up apple-pie less. Am I never to eat it again?

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