Monday, April 09, 2012

Did I tell you we visited William in Cromor?

 William, just William takes something nice for the sheeps - with lambs - to nibble.

William was tired as it happened. Been up over the re-seedings feeding his sheeps, the ones that weren't next door to the house on the croft. That means a stiff walk there and back to see his little darlings. But he does enjoy it. And he wasn't too exhausted to accompany us along to the isle nearby over the causeway exposed at low tide. It rained. Wet rain too.

 Eve and William waiting for me to pass out through the gate - in the rain.

Eve on Eilean Chaluim Chille  [in the rain]

It was a fine stroll. Of course, it's pretty well always sunny back in Tolsta.

Tolsta. Another aspect.

I have not really got much to say today but, I will say you must visit Bosse B's blog and see his wonderful salt-prints. I mean, look at this! Just superb. Bosse is from Sweden and we met him when he was over in the Uk and I was living near Manchester. Such a nice chap too.

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