Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Artist is not here

The Artist [formerly known as Jon]

He's bigging it up with the Alaand massive or maybe the Helsinki crew or somewhere like that. Cold and windy anyway - like here really. We wish him well. Hopefully he'll be more focussed than this snap!

Towards Cromor [with light-leak]

We found it that way over in Cromor today. Visiting William and Gemma is always lovely especially at the moment with all the new little lambs leaping around the place. We walked over the Columba's Isle while we were there and got extremely wet. The causeway was out of the water but guarded by a seal who wasn' t real keen on us coming that way. We did thoug and the seal popped back into the sea from whence it no doubt came. 
We drank coffee and wine with Mr and Mrs Holden, ate their food too and then came home. At home I found I have a light-leak in the Graflex roll back. Oh dear.

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