Sunday, April 29, 2012

A good marriage

Pinhole for WWPD

I am extremely lucky. I have a wonderful 'marriage' - civil partnership that is - to my dear Eve and we have been together for ten years so far. How pleased I was to see a sign in the local shop extolling people to stand up for marriage. I'm all for that - marriage for everyone who wants it, that is.

The village where I live has some wonderful, kind, generous and intelligent people living here and I think I may join them at this meeting to speak against this proposal to stop all enjoying the pleasures of marriage. I cannot imagine the villagers thinking anything else!

Image is taken with my pinhole camera for Worldwide Pinhole Day!


Dorothy MacIver said...

Well said, my dear Andrea!! And had I only known it was Internation Pinhole Day - I'd have got my special bunting out!
Your pal,
Mrs Dorothy "Up Yours" MacIver

Iain said...

Good luck/Lycka till, as theSwedes say, at the meeting. I've been reading about some of the frightening church-led stuff going on in the USA recently - scary. We can only hope the UK manages to avoid the madness!

gz said...

Good for you...from someone who was described as "more married than some of them that have a paper to prove it"!!