Saturday, April 28, 2012

A pinhole for all that

In the morning it will be World Pinhole Day. Did you know that? Imagine, a whole day devoted to a little hole. Nice isn't it?

See? That's me.

I shall be out with the Fruit Pastille shuttered FrankaPin as it seems the weather looks like it might be rather good. Good for here anyway. Been out practising shooting the thing ready for the morning. Might use it at next Friday's wedding too :-)

Talking of which, here's Herself, The Mrs Toots to be in a recent portrait session - the only one I managed to get in despite constant pleading !! Notice the Tunnocks. Not many are there-  at this point of proceedings. Eh?


gz said...

A little hole is certainly worth celebrating...look what it started!!

Iain said...

You've just got to love the very idea of a 'pinhole day'. Is it a Brit creation? It sure sounds like it anyway. Have a fine day out with yer pinhole!