Thursday, April 05, 2012

It's not all beaches and Moor; there's a tree too.

 Castle grounds - which is almost as run down as the Castle itself!


Yes, there is a tree on Lewis. Quite a few of them as it happens. There's a wood round the Castle in Stornoway, a few stands of conifers around the island including here in North-Tolsta. I know, I have seen them.

That's the thing on the island, one does have to seek out the trees. And since I was brought up in Somerset and Wiltshire where trees abound - growing tall and strong, rustle in the gentle breezes and filter the autumn sun through the branches, I rather miss them. When I am in town to see William, Alec, the Coelyns, Toots or whoever, I make a point of walking among trees. I'm like that you know.

Why is that on the radio at the moment - Radio 4 don't you know not Isles FM or something - that lots of people being interviewed seem to start their answers to questions with 'So'? As in "So, we have...." . Please tell me if I have missed something!


gz said...

"so" turns up in Welsh too....AAAAARRRGH!!!!!

Iain said...

In Wales, when I worked as a solicitor, the general opening comment invariably was: 'What it is, see...' Always makes me laugh to think of it.

gz said...

Iain, always the problem when the brain and mouth are working in different gears!!

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Hmmm - I think I use "so" quite a lot at the beginning of sentenced as in so- then
I think I have become used to the open space here. On a trip to t' mainland last Autumn I thought how very cluttered the place was :-)