Friday, April 06, 2012

A Wall; A bird. What more do you want?

 Bird [of some sort] mocking 

Have you ever tried snapping up a bird in flight? I mean a proper flying bird that swoops and whirls on the wind inches from the cliff face - or your face, seemingly mocking your lack of ability to catch an image of the thing in the air. I have. I don't like it. Give me a sheeps or coow any-time - they move slower so I can use a normal lens that doesn't look like I'm some over-financed photographer-tourist prowling. We get lots of those here. You know the sort, more pixels than sense, lens' longer than their 4x4 and a fancy jacket as well. Unless it's the large format mob. They take half and hour to get the camera out and set it up by which time the light has gone and the wind is gusting too much to use it anyway. I know, I've done that too.

A wall [or two]

To be honest, even though you may be aware that I don't actually take landscape snaps, walls are rather more compliant than animules. I caught this one waiting for me today while on a trip over to see The Coelyns at Oiseval Gallery [fine art photography ] in Brue. I like it. Go and visit The Coelyns as they have some fine work by themselves,  James Smith and others. I might add, we did pop up to the Morven Gallery too - their cake and tea is to die for!

Try clicking on the 'next blog' tab at the top of this page. I did, rashly. You make some very interesting discoveries I can  tell you - even if they are in Portuguese or something.

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gz said...

You have to think which blog to start "next blog"ging from...each will have supposedly a verbal link to the previous one.
I just started from a French- Canadian garden blog, written in English with a few French phrases..and ended up with a row of interesting French blogs!