Monday, April 16, 2012

Orwo N74 @ 400

See, I can do proper photography if I want!
Shot this out on Traigh Mhor this morning with my 99p camera and some Orwo n74 film. Developed it in Ilford's LC29 1:19 for 5mins 30sec. Looks ok to me.
Do we like it?

This one is LC29 1:40 for 10 mins 30 secs.
Nicer I think eh? I mean the tones, the grain. all that sort of thing.

Here's another of that ilk. 1:40

And one for the Coelynes of Oiseval Gallery who will notice this post no doubt. Developed with LC29 at Homoeopathic dilution of 1:100.

What are we thinking then? I'm thinking 1:40 but would welcome your input.

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gz said...

1:40 is fine, but that last one really is good