Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Over-rated? I should say so!

There you are. You see, I was right all along.

Imagine this; the cat is sitting on the mat - as traditionally it should. Sated by a sardine morsel it's eyelids are closing from time to time as he fights to stay awake [or not I'm thinking]. I'm surrounded by exposed and developed film. Polypan-f here, Orwo N74 there. I had a look at some of the frames and I can't get excited by any of it. All too sharp, too obvious, too landscapey, or over-portraited. Then all of a sudden this image smacks me in the eye, sets off a few brain cells working, incites a little excitement in an otherwise ordinary day.

One for my "whatever it is.... it's over-rated" series.

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