Saturday, April 14, 2012

So sorry!

'Orses, ere abouts

Yes, yes, I missed day - or is it two? Who knows? Who cares?

Anyway, we have been busy. I am not long back in from work - racing round the island doing things technical and all that. Called in on the Oiseval Gallery on the way back in Brue to pick up a Willie Fulton print they had framed for me- wonderfully as it happens. Actually Oiseval Gallery have some fine photography in their gallery including the former owner James Smith's work, some lovely Colin Westgate images and at the moment, a wonderful [!] lith print by yours truly [I am blushing now - a bit] - as well as work by Colin and Barbara themselves. Well worth a visit if I may be bold enough to say so .

This morning we were out with the soon to be Mrs Toots - wobbling around on her crutches and creating havoc in her wheelchair as the leg is still on the mend. Lovely visit to the Woodlands Cafe where we waited while Mrs Toots-to-be chatted with everyone she knew - which was just about everyone in the place. We got our own back later by racing her around in the wheelchair. Oh, so much fun.

But best of the weekend has been Friday's concert down at the fantastic Mission House Gallery to hear the totally terrific Red Note Ensemble with Khuljit Bhamra, the just brilliant tabla player and composer who works with Andy Shepherd a lot. What a incredible evening - It could have lasted all night as far as I was concerned - apart from the fact that I was so tired when it finished I could hardly stay awake as dear Eve drove us home. Such an excellent venue too - cats wandering round the musicians legs, kids on the floor- teddy bears too, a lovely light filtering through the windows as the music wafted around the walls. Echoes of  Africa, India, China, Poland the Mahuvishna Orchestra, George Crumb and a whole host of wonderfulness. COME AGAIN -SOON PLEASE! [and let me know first so I can get some tickets :-) ]

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