Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's not normal [whatever that is! ]

Hector poses by his dodgy quad

I'm used to quads now. Never been on one, don't want to go on one but it seems you are not a signed up crofter unless you have one. Did I tell you The Crofter has one? I did eh! Well, did I tell you Hector has one? I think I did and it wasn't working . I now have it on good authority that a 'man who does quads' came out, took it apart a bit, found nothing wrong with it, put it back together and it now works. Mechanics Eh? 

Mechanics playground

Going into The Smoke the other day to take our visitor Harry back home when we espied a plethora of traffic cones on Vatisker beach. Now, call me strange but I had never noticed much of a traffic jam on that beach and couldn't figure out any reason why such implements should be scattered around the sand. The tide was going out and I wondered if Andy Goldsworthy had taken a new direction heralded by these traffic cones. We went down to nosey around to be confronted by cars - lots of them and noisey ones too. There was a mini with it's engine in the back seat - which wasn't at all surprising when you saw it accelerate - it was surprising it didn't fall out the back altogether. Apparently, it was the Lewis Car club having a gymkana. Boys eh? And it was all boys I think. We had a stroll in the rain, watched three cars race around the course, watched another silent one with three men under the bonnet- took some snaps with my 99p camera  and then went on. 

Such is life on the Isle of Lewis.

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