Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is what you get when you wander round Tolsta with a 99p camera and movie copy film. Eh?

 Down t'road

It's the sort of thing I do when the sun is shining - which it wasn't this day - but I went anyway. It's nice and I like to stretch my leggies and blow some cobwebs away. Saves having a bath and all that :-)
Being the cheapskate that I am, I took a camera I'd purchased for 99p [that's about a groat if you don't live in the UK] loaded with some odd film made for copying B&W movie film. It was cheap. And it is nice luckily enough.
 Oop o'er back

I mean, look. That's the view and you can nearly see all of it. Check out the resolution of that 'lens' - bottom of a milk bottle I shouldn't wonder. Yes, young-uns, milk came in bottles once! Not just Whisky.

 Oop o'er back end tother way lookin

When I'm out doing portraits of the place - with cheap film and camera - I turn around from time to time, snap up the scene then take a look at it wif me own eyes. No, not in the back of the camera but wif me naked eyes. Clever eh?

There's house in there somewhere

I came back in the end. I'd had a stroll, got rained on and snapped up a roll of film. Bliss! But I did have a shot left for this beautiful snap of a local house. Just was well I did too.


Eve said...

Lovely pics... :-)

gz said...

surprising what you get when you just say what the heck and just go for it!