Monday, April 23, 2012

Yes, Mr Windy won!

Ok, I know, Mr Windy won. I didn't actually realise we were competing actually. But there you are, he won square and unfair. Perhaps Mr Windy didn't know he was competing either - and I didn't ask. It seemed churlish at the time. But he won all the same - and I'm not at all sore about it. Even though he used a d*g*tal camera sometimes - as well as the two 35mm film cameras - shooting hither and thither. I had to put my foot down in the end. "That's mine, I saw it first" I shouted, nearly loosing it and getting not at all upset despite the gross provocation coming my way, knocking the fellow off his feet and almost sending him to his doom in The Minch. Still, he would have deserved it!

 The Lighthouse with no ice-cream

We were on Scalpay island with Eve and the lovely Deanne, walking from there [gesturing vaguely] to the lighthouse at the end.  The sun was shining, lunches nestling in rucksacks and Mr Windy shooting everything in sight. I was more restrained you know. A few selected snaps with the Ricoh 500G that winged its way from Mr Urban. And a few even more select shots with the Agfa 6x9. Restrained eh?

A wall

How did Mr Windy win??
He shot more snaps than me. 
Meanwhile, Pushkin waited patiently at home.


Ian said...

Mmmm........... Competition? I'll take the E620 next time ;-)

Laurie said...

good to see Mr. Pushkin relaxing. He's such a battered looking feline! So glad you took him in.