Monday, May 21, 2012

Crash in Tolsta

Crash in North Tolsta

Yes, a crash in North Tolsta. Happily, the vehicle was soon back on it's wheels and no-one got hurt. It all happened so quick you know. One moment the vehicle was happily going along, then the next it was on it's side. As I looked over I saw an up-turned air plane  too - but apparently that had landed earlier and was under inspection.  And I didn't manage to focus properly. Phew!

 Eve and David walking up/down from/to Bowglass

 David and Anne looking happy about almost seeing Golden Eagles

 Up here we were. 

David follows me down

The day before we had a wonderful stroll up from Bowglass and here's some snaps to prove it!

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gz said...

A place like that deserves eagles