Saturday, May 19, 2012

Watching eagles

 Hill St

There's almost a hill here. Maybe just a slope masquerading as a hill. But it is a street - North Tolsta style. I took these snaps on a stroll back from delivering the shoppe van to the next days driver. You can see what the village is s like if you are coming this way. And why shouldn't you? Well, if you were coming from this way you would have had to come across the moor. Eh?

 Just near there.

We have friends you know. And two of them are on-island as I write - although not in t'village since they reside in a campervan somewhere Valtos way tonight. Which is very nice. We met them today at Bowglass, North Harris as they were keen to see some Golden Eagles who live down that way. After a leisurely drive down - it's about thirty five miles don't you know - we arrived in the little car-park with two eagles circling above - one rather low and very visible. They are a magnificent bird which we do see regularly, living in these parts as we do. There's a pair who have a hutch just up the coast from the village here as it happens.

 Bus shelter. Should withstand a hurricane or a stroppy ram.

Twas lovely watching the birds circle round and then our friends arrived, we looked up again and the birds had gone! Of course we told Anne and Dave we had seen the birds - been hand feeding them in fact [I didn't tell them that but should have :-) ]. We walked up the path to look over loch Langavat  but only saw a couple of eagles high in the sky. Then it clouded over, we sat and took coffee then descended.  A terrific walk with lovely company.

The bus shelter

A walk round the village here is very nice too. The sea is very obvious - all wet and shiny and over there, just behind the bus shelter. Yes, that's sun creeping through the clouds. There's houses, peat stacks, a shoppe and post-office, a couple of churches [please don't read this if it's Sunday! ] and at least three old charabancs rusting away behind houses or out in a field!

 Peat stack, fence and the ubiquitous cement mixer

The sea, again.

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Laurie said...

If they're way way up in the sky, how does one know if they are eagles and not buzzards or crows or whatever? I saw some eagle-y looking birds flying overhead on Uist but non-believers say they were probably buzzards.