Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Yes, it is May. You wouldn't believe it really. I took off to Stornoway this morning in the shop van for the paper / coop run in lovely sunshine. Granted it showed only 3C on the dashboard but at least the sun was shining. I turned my back on it to warm up whilst waiting for Billy to count out the P&J's. No doubt my pals in their camper in the Uists would have woken with a light mood for the day ahead. Well, that will have been dashed as on my walk around the village recently from there to there and then here, the almost snowy rain started. And it's still cold. Very cold

A Scalpay lighthouse chair on which I didn't sit.

Mr Bentham was on good form this morning - doling out the Jaffa cakes like they were going out of fashion.   He lives there. He hasn't been checking on here to see what I have been saying about him or what photos of him I have posted - obviously. 

The Tolsta Shoppe supremo, Mrs 'Up Yours' MacIver is in the chicken-house though. It seems that everyone bar me has read her new sci-fi novelette. Apparently I'm deemed 'too intellectual' ! Imagine!

I was flooded with three comments from yesterdays posts - thanks to Ms ookIain and Ian for this - I shall remember you in my will :-) . I staying with 'normal' on the blog front - as if I knew what normal was.

I came down these. I could have gone up too. 

So, now as I write I wonder if Mr Pushkin will come back to sleep off his morning stroll in front of the fire. Will I go over to the Oiseval Gallery after my morning meditation? I think I might.


gz said...

looks like a good plan :-)

Iain said...

It's always easier - I increasingly find - to go down stairs rather than up 'em. You made the right choice in a life of decisions, decisions, decisions.