Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oiseval and The Coelyns

The Coelyns [one day I may take a sharp snap - but then why should I? ]

Yes, yes, I did go over to the gallery in Brue. Why not? I get a lovely welcome, drink their tea and get to meet Mr & Mrs Smith who used to run the place. The Smiths came over for a little respite from mainland England where they now reside, to see chums and, do some work - taking pictures and what have you.

Had a grand time, thank you very much for asking. Ate cake too - the creamy gooey kind that is so popular in these parts. Met a nice cyclist lurking in a bus shelter eating. For the first day on his Barra - Butt cycling trip he hadn't had a headwind - or driving rain. Still, he wasn't to be disappointed as it threw it down not long after. I snapped the camera at him whilst the sun was momentarily shining - it's what proper photographers do you know. How many snaps have you seen of this place when it's pouring down eh? None. I rest my case Mi Lord.

Today the sun is shining [at the moment], Pushkin is dozing and I'm going out for a stroll to see The Crofter and find out what havoc is afoot.

toodle doo

PS. Late addition to the blog today. My dear Eve, backing singer in our band "Nine ways to wind people up". Wabi-Sabi shot from the UW&S.

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gz said...

worth the trip then!
I've just checked today's forecast..our sun is hiding behind clouds again and we have a 20% chance of rain...but possibly some sun with lunch!!