Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Van the woman [or something equally witty - you'll just have to make it up yerself!]

A crazed woman shot out the back door of the shoppe/Post Office. She looked rather like the post mistress to me. Wide eyed, grinning like a Cheshire cat sort of crazed. "Have you got the van key?" she demanded of me then pushing past with a pile of boxes in her arms. The key was in the ignition I ventured guardedly. .

John A the councillor sprang into action - coffee in hand, bought in the shoppe that morning. "Now hold on there" he said with a smidgin of concern upon hearing me ask if the post woman lady person can drive.

Mrs 'Up Yours' MacIver shot into the road, checking for traffic to warn as the van kangaroed up the road threatening to spill it's contents all over the road! Another day in North Tolsta had begun!

Just down t'road, Ben the Vet [Pushkin's private physician ] was soothing a stroppy horse as the farrier fitted new shoes.

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