Thursday, May 31, 2012

I didn't know what to say. They looked so at ease with life.


Wandering up the road through the village with the sun on my back, breeze in my hair and no midges to deal with, I came across these two little fellows. 

"Hello" I said in my best lambese. They cocked their pretty little heads and looked quizzically at me. 

"Who are you" they suggested.  I told them I was the only vegetarian in the village [which isn't exactly true since to be totally honest I am currently a pescatarian and so is Eve but I figured that being so young the little lamblettes wouldn't know what I meant and I was trying to put them at their ease and not frighten them and all that]. 

"Oh" they replied not moving out of their cool spot in the shade. 

I didn't tell them of life and things. Of non vegetarians, of nine months down the line and what have you. I saw no need. They seemed so content with life just sat their looking while mum looked on from afar.

"Please can you let the world know of our plight" came the surprising request as I turned to leave. 

"I'll do what I can but I'm not sure who reads the stuff I write these days as none leave messages on the blog".

"What's a blog?" The Tolsta two asked. I tried to explain about it being a place where I write things down and post pictures but I could see they hadn't a clue.

I wished them well, took their picture and left.


Anonymous said...


Are you getting to much sun or have you been drinking to much of the hot drinks from "up yours Mrs Maciver"

Martina said...

Määäh! (That's German Lambese, btw!)

I love your little stories about mad post women and speaking lambs.

It's really an interesting place where you live, ;-)

Now - how's that for commenting?

You seem to really have mad me feel guilty about never commenting.

Grin - just kidding.

Andrea Ingram said...

Please don't feel guilty Martina. But do comment again. It's lovely to see people do read this stuff - and look at the snaps!