Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Five years on, a normal day on the island.

 Mrs  'Up Yours' MacIver tries to sell me some tat.

No, I didn't buy it. Do I look daft? We may be celebrating five wonderful years in North-Tolsta but this we didn't need. At least, I don't think I need it only I'm not actually sure what I was being sold. Tat obviously, but what sort of tat I don't know.

 The school walks to the beach

Meanwhile, back home I notice the school walking to a beach to have a barbi or perhaps roast a teacher on a spit or something like that. The held up the car that was trying to go down the road anyway.  They are just passing the Crofter's pad on the left - that's why they are all walking quickly :-)

 The Crofter basks in the sun while earning a crust - so someone can bite a crust!

The Crofter waves as they pass [feels like Blue Velvet movie as I write] and the school breaks en-masse into a trot.

Knowledge and Safety

Stuart wasn't impressed. Neither was the rabbit in his garden - or his son for that matter. Their garden is almost cleared ready for the trampoline - no doubt concreted in to stop it disappearing into the sea behind the house.

Iseabail making the peat-stack

I notice that Iseabail and Hector have almost finished their lovely peat-stacks ready for my annual picture taking of the beasts. They are, it has to be said, a work of art.

Royston and Ziggy

Meanwhile, a quick visit to Royston and Ziggy to see they were well as can be. They were I'm pleased to say.

Such was my morning five years after arriving here.

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Dorothy MacIver said...

TAT! TAT! Madam, I demand a duel!!
Water squirters at dawn - (excellent very reasonably priced ones, which I suspect probably also have magical powers -can be purchased at Buth Tholastaidh)