Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Homage to Newman

Do you know Arnold Newman? If not you can see his work here. I love his image of Stravinsky - so simple but wonderful and tells you all about the man. See that here . Seeing we were away on t'mainland for a few days and there was music to be heard as well as the Wonderful Dalai Lama to listen to, we ended up in a pub. Doesn't one always?

We supped our halves of  2.8 - which  is a lovely ale I might add, and watched as the other end of the room gradually filled up with trumpeters, trombonists, a drummer. clarinettist, a singer and a host of others I can't recall. 16 in all I think wormed their way in and set up amidst the tables and beer. They were,  I noticed - on account of the big black banner hanging behind the drummers mush - the RMT Big Band or, Rooty ma Toot BB. How good were they? Very good. [eat your heart out Toots - beer and big band eh? ].

Anyway, since I didn't want to fight my may through the flailing brass, fearing for my tinnitus the idea of re-crating the Newman/Stravinsky snap was put on hold. It didn't help that the pianist in the set up was playing an electric thing and there was no light of note so my little XA camera shot left handed to save my operated-on-right-hand was not the ideal set up to achieve such a shot. Mr Newman used a 4x5 after all. And lights  and had control of the situation and everything.

I noticed then the people around me and started snapping away. and now I have a Homage to Newman / Bacon. Eh? How'diDoThat?
Many thanks to my Bacon stand-in. I hope he was meant to be there!

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Iain said...

Great atmospheric shot. Love the refraction from the overhead light. I could have helped him with that pint, though.