Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Victoria Pendleton in Inverness

Yes, I was surprised as well. Last time we bumped into Princess Victoria was at the Velodrome in Manchester where I used to work. She'd been round to home hoovering our stairs as it happens. No idea why if you are asking but she did. I notice she doesn't mention the incident on her website; I must ask her why she has omitted it!

Anyway, we were on t'mainland living the high-life, camping by the waterside in the rain and gadding around seeing the Dalai Lama and all that when , all of a sudden up popped Victoria. Granted twas only a cardboard sign this time - promoting her new range of Velos for women. Was lovely to see her all the same and the bikes look great too.

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Iain said...

Love the idea of 'velos for women': here in France, cycling a macho, tour-de-sort of thing! 'Twould make the lycrad lads fall from their gleaming saddles, I reckon!