Saturday, June 09, 2012

How can you not like living here; especially when the sun is shining [which to be honest is not usually that often]

A neighbour

"I've not got sheep any more" he told me. "Got a great price for them at the sales though. They bought anything that was alive". Such was our conversation as I passed his gaff just up the road from here. The sun was shining again see and I'd been out around the village with a camera - as I do.

More neighbours

Oh look, there's Rose and her lad who live o'er the road. "Hello and everything". I say taking the yoof parlance [as I see it anyway].

I'd been down to snap up Hector's newly built peats as I said I would. As usual they look lovely. Really nice stack in between the previous years effort out side his house. I think Iseabail does most of the stack building to be honest.

 New stack

I mean, how lovely is that? I can't believe anyone doesn't marvel at these constructions. Surely they should engaged Iseabail and Hector to build a peat-stack at the Olympic park or something. Better than seeing the torch at some un-worldly hour as it trapses through Stornoway this coming Monday. If it doesn't get blown out in the brisk winds we have at the mo that is.

New between older

 Tractor and trailer [go together like Norman and Mailor]

Of course, one can't snap up Hector's stacks without snapping the tractor too. Complete with the ubiquitous double wheels for the peat moor.

A stack in situe

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