Monday, June 11, 2012

Flamin Lewis

Photo courtesy of Mr Pip Taylor [second bike here]

Many years ago, even before I worked at the Manchester Velodrome, I was involved in cycling running the Floyds Bistro, Bedouin cycling team. I raced too in those days. Here's my team pal Shaun leading Pip Taylor in a race in Feltham - wherever that is! Good eh?

I post this as I hear the flame thing for London sports day has been on the island this morning. It was carried by Welsh-woman Kirsty Wade through Callanish Stones at sunrise [4am !]. The flame went out in the wee breeze, twice apparently. Luckily, a local produced his Swan Vestas and the day was saved. [probably].

I was out doing the shoppe run in van.  The village is celebrating by having the mains water off for a wee while. What's that all about then?


Ian said...

great photo - thought you'd be out to cheer the torch along ;)

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Oh I was there - am about to post my snaps of the morning. 4.30 is early to drag a 5 year old out. It was really nice, actually, lots of people I don't normally see, so it was like a ceilidh where we all shivered along with each other. Ian lawson was there too - I was more excited about that than the flame. x