Monday, June 04, 2012

It's now My time!

There's a new house just arrived up t'road on the back of a lorry. In bits. You know the sort of thing, wood panels soon to be looking like a housey shape. I'm assured the housey will be proper Island shape and not one of those nondescript affairs that proliferate these days. Nevertheless, the lorry blocked the road for an hour to unload. Just as well it's quiet round here!

 Homage to Donata Wenders

I now have my life back after a pleasant week selling wonderful prints and chatting to visitors at the Oiseval Gallery. I love the chatting to visitors bit especially. Such interesting people in the main. Obviously, I had a few moments to myself from time to time so I took the Recesky tlr 'camera' and some Polypan-f film. No doubt The Coelyns will be after these images for the gallery!

 The Gallery is OPEN. So good I snapped it thrice

 The flag is flying

The things are not doing anything

Crakin aren't they? 


steve said...

The (non)landscape is very nice. I don't know what else to call it.

Andrea Ingram said...

Eh? Which one??