Friday, June 01, 2012

How to open a gallery with a Kodak twin20 [and re-spooled film] in your hand

To be honest, I'm back home. The opening happened earlier and now the closing has happened too. Only for the night mind you, I shall repeat the exercise again in the morning. At the Oiseval Gallery that is

It is quite exciting - the first time. And that was as Mr Coelyne showed how it was done. The door is opened - with a key and everything. Then another key is obtained from a secret place and another door opened. It's complicated isn't it?

Then the closed sign is removed and replaced with one that indicates opened. It says OPEN on it just to make sure there is no mistake. The other sign doesn't say that at all. Just as well.

And now the big moment; the flag of Scotland is raised - with a little hep from nautical knots, a few rapid hand movements and a salute. Like this. See that? No, well, you will just have imagine that since I didn't take a snap of that. It's not easy being a documentary reporter with a Kodak Twin20 camera loaded with partially used and re-spooled film [don't ask!].

It obviously worked well as I have sold things. Eh? How did that happen?

Meanwhile, my phone has turned up at Royston's - many thanks for the info Sir. I shall collect it soon.

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