Friday, June 15, 2012

Proper stuff

By; The Artist [formerly known as Jon]

I just noticed the title of the blog again! After all this time I see it's supposed to be a photo blog. Whatever that is. I shall try to keep on track.

The Artist is now back from the Aland Islands where he was 'doing' an artist residency. Apparently one has to 'be' while you are there so as to 'see' your art which you may or may create there or anywhere else for that matter. Seems like a goer to me.

The Artist, being the nice sort of artisty person he is took a couple of matchbox pinhole cameras with him and exposed them to the world while he was 'residing'. One 'camera' was loaded with Polypan-f and the other with Kodak Finegrain Positive. I'd forgotten that so when The Artist brought them back for developing I took the homoeopathic dilution of Rodinal route and chucked them in together for an hour. As it happens, they were a tad o'er exposed but I took the liberty of printing this little gem - and toned it with sepia. I love it!

I just hope The Artist doesn't mind me posting this 


Anonymous said...

that is indeed a lovely pinhole.

astrobeck said...

it is a lovely pinhole...

astrobeck said...

it's a loverly pinhole.