Friday, June 15, 2012

Yes, it's colour. Of sorts.

Mr Crofter on the pier

It's not all black and white up here you know. The sea looks right loverly when the sun is out. So much so I loaded the Olympus XA2 with Chinese Lucky200 film and shot. Once through the sheep dip developer, I have colour. Well, a sort of colour anyway. The Lucky colour film is actually quite good but somehow the first image was, 'interesting' as they say. I didn't alter the scan as I rather like it that way. The Crofter doesn't always seem so off-colour as you can see here.

Eve, chillin.

On the other hand, I did sort this one on PS. I like this too.

Pier culture

But best of all, is in fact a B&W print of old Kodak Polymax RC paper soaked in sepia. Mr Crofter's coow. The texture arrived all by it'self!

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Laurie said...

The cow one is fascinating. Looks like it was taken 100 years ago and you'd just unearthed it from some dusty box.