Friday, July 13, 2012


"Cut out that racket will you"!

I didn't say that. I couldn't. It was a chap I hadn't seen for a while who has been living on his lovely little boat down the Uists way. Working, sleeping, that sort of thing. And learning the fiddle by all accounts. I'd heard Gerald's mandolin picking out in Crobeg [and here]at the Barbi some years back but didn't even know he sawed the fiddle - or whatever one says.

 Gerald; on the quayside.


Gerald had been manning a stall promoting sailing in the traditional fishing boats we have up this way. All part of the Sail Hebrides thing that's happening while the Heb Celt festival is going on. Lots of boats going round, in and out, racket from the Festival tents and Gerald over by the fishing quay doing his thing. That's the sort of thing we have you know. And it's still dry up here!
I sat in that chair there, the one on the right listening to the catchy tune emanating from the fiddle. I can't say I recognised it but I liked it all the same. Then we chatted - we worked for the same company for a while but he wisely got out!

Eve and I did go to a concert last night as part of the festivities and were so impressed we came home at half time. I shan't tell you who we went to hear! A lovely week though.Look, below you can see it's proper nice. Boatee in front of t'tent thing which is in front of the old castle they are working on to stop it falling down. Wonder if them Proclaimer lads will bring the walls down - and then scram 500 miles away? 

Stornoway today


gz said...

looks like good times being had up there!
Sorry we've been having some of your water.....we might actually have a proper dry day tomorrow, so they say!!

Laurie said...

wish I could have been there-would love to try a ride on one of those boats.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos a real nice surprise and treat to see them. Cheers Gerald.