Thursday, July 12, 2012

The lith printing has been getting in the way of snapping to be honest. Time I sorted the car after it wouldn't start yesterday [something to do with the key but don't understand], not walked the dog then listened to the Tour de France on t'radio, looked at the result of the tour of Poland where Ben Swift won, I didn't have any time or energy left to snap up let alone go in the darkroom again.
The Barking Dog; albeit on a quiet, barkless day.

Only I did get to go in Toots' proto-darkroom [aka; the garage glory-hole] later on to help move the piles of this and that from here to there and back again. In between here and there we laid a sheet of plastic and person-handled an enlarger - about the size of a small car and twice as heavy - into place. I suggested the wooden rails approach which even  Mr Toots acknowledged was a good one. You can rest easy now Mr Coelyne, the deed is done! As is me - feeling a bit cream-crackered this morning !

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gz said...

look after yourself!
(or is that the Pot(ter) calling the Kettle black, as the saying goes?!)