Saturday, July 21, 2012

No, I don't do landscapes. Or colour. But I do do colour landscapes. Apparently.

 Near Ullapool I

Near Ullapool II

I must have had a light head or something. Or maybe it was seeing the Dalai Lama that did it. The colour film was loaded into some old point and shoot cameras so I pointed and shot. Colour eh? What's that all about then?

I am scribing this while the good fellows of the TDF are doing their last days proper racing. Looks like there maybe a Gb rider wining - and second - and several stage wins too. Who would have thought that? Not me but I am so very proud of them.

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Iain said...

Methinks there'll be some bargain bikes for sale in a year or two's time, after the adrenalin rush new-bike buyers have tired of their new-found enthusiasms.