Friday, July 20, 2012

I have a new friend

 Ginty and Mrs Bac Pharmacy do their thing

 Large feet

Fun family

I have a new friend although she probably doesn't realise it yet. Ginty was messing around in her field with Mrs Bac Pharmacy atop and Mr Bac pharmacy running around in front. What was all that about I thought? Sauntering over, camera tucked under my arm, I ventured a 'hello'. 

Why not? I know them, sort of. Seen Ginty eating her oats or whatever she eats. Or licks. Might be succulent Horse Licks; seen those for sale in Bac Pharmacy and was tempted to buy some just to see what it was. I didn't mind you. Have you seen this stuff? Uncle Jimmys Licky Thing. What all that about?  Mrs Bac Pharmacy thinks I'm bonkers and talks too much anyway! Instead, I feigned interest in some cream or other then bought it and left quickly.

Mr B-P shot off after a while, pretending work or some such nonsense leaving me to walk around the field place with Ginty behind and Mrs B-P atop. Ginty is very happy to follow behind someone walking but less keen on going alone - with Mrs B-P on-top so to speak. Lovely horse mind you. Very whatever horses are. You know, licky I suppose. And kind. With big hard feet and everything.

But Ginty is my friend even if she doesn't realise it. Yet.

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astrobeck said...

oh, those large feet, good for standing I reckon! I adore animal feets.