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I've had to stop listening to t'radio this morning due to an over-dose of moaning thereon. And to an over-dose of tennis related hype too. The moaning was about the weather. There's rain in Engerland and Wales, lots of it I'm hearing. The racing car thing at Silverstone is in all sorts of trouble as the fields are flooded. It does seem a bit harsh on the event to blame them for this situation since this amount of rain at this time of year has until till now been rather unprecedented. The event organisers get little sympathy from me though since their sport hardly helps the climate change situation that is most likely fuelling these weather events. We have it seems, messed up the planet's climate good and proper and we will just have to suffer the consequences of more unpredictable and extreme weather events around the globe with the effect or rising food prices as well as damage to the infrastructure [ and heaven forbid; the economy! ]. There's a nice article here if you would like to read it.

In the Us there are terrible droughts and here on our island we have a small one too. North Tolsta has been named as a drought area on the island although I hear that the lochen that holds our water has water in it but the concrete header tank at the 'top' of the village has a leaking liner which means a lot of the water is going to waste. The water board in question are aware of this and apparently have plans to mend it - at last.

Mind you my former sport, cycle racing is not immune to accusations of enhancing the climate change scenario as for example, in the tdf - beset yesterday with countless crashes- has so many support vehicles that one could easily think it was a car and coach race! It isn't being help by the UCI - the world regulatory body for cycle racing -  trying and succeeding in modelling it's programme of events on F1 by 'forcing' teams to ride events all over the world. For example, to qualify for the Olympics, track cyclists have to qualify by achieving points at World Cup events - in Kazakhstan, China, UK and Columbia in this last series.

Well, I feel better now. As you see above on my snap - taken with the Ilford Sporti with Rollei400s film and printed on Fotospeed RC paper in the darkroom - that the weather here has been foggy for days - till this morning. Now the wind is blowing!

To cheer you up, go and look at the FOTO8 Summer show here.

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