Sunday, July 08, 2012


I notice my rant yesterday elicited little interest. Par for the course when it comes to the demise of human existence on this planet I suppose. Especially when it might mean we drive less, fly less and consume less to possibly subvert this probable disaster.

So, today has a little 'sport' going on. There's pretend sport like car racing in the rain somewhere in the UK, some sort of tennis going on with a Scotsman involved plus; The Tour de France with a GB based team leading the team section, a Brit [although born in Belgium] Wiggly Braggins leading overall and Brit Chris Frome [although born in Namibia] leading the mountains classification. Not bad eh? There in the mountains again today - a little matter of 157 kms over 7 mountains.

 The new house in the village 

The new house in the village continues to grow ever bigger! One day I'll take a proper camera over there instead of the Ultra Wide and Slim used to take this snap!

Sonja - OT.

My hand is healing well now thank you helped by excellent work by OT Sonja whom I snapped up here with the UW&S in her castle so to speak. I take Sonja's Barking Dog out for a walk sometimes and my 'dance teacher' is her young daughter Karmiena. How good is that?

The Barking Dog and my dance teacher

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