Thursday, July 19, 2012

What you get when you find the beeswax you forgot you had

Brazilionised Print

I was wandering in a daze round our warming room, now sadly vacated by dear Mr Pushhkin, when I espied a pot with a small block of beeswax therein. No, it''s not from my sisters 20 hives [although not for the want of asking ! ] but bought some time back. I love the smell of warmed wax. Fair thrills the cockles or something. Think it may hark back to the days when I used wax everyday in my job of tooth-maker - and now I am no longer chained to the bench the smell of proper beeswax is thrilling.  Did I not tell you about me tooth-making? Good, not going to either.

Waxing a print is such a lovely process. The smell, the hands on feeling, the warmth, the sheen, the patina and everything. Yes, I have done it before. See here for details. Eh? No, go and look before you read on. Not sure how much it enhances the print but who cares? 
It's all about the getting there that counts Eh? 

Now go and listen to this [magical no less]. I'll wait.

Feel better now? I do. I shall go for a stroll in our continuing sunshine now :-)

Roads. Hereabouts.

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