Friday, August 17, 2012

Batty by name

In the veg patch

Mr and Mrs Batty have a fine garden all neatly rowed, tied and growing. There's a tunnel of netting, walls of netting, and lone nets. Plants too. And a big pile of what I hope is merely compost. They spend hours in the garden doing 'things' and generally enjoying themselves while keeping themselves fed and flowered up.

We visit from time to time. Sometimes to tend the little veg patch we have been loaned here and sometimes just to drink tea and pass the time of day. Either way it's enjoyable. I suggest the Battys may well be just looking at the garden today as it is, at long last, raining!


Iain said...

Rain....on Lewis.....Never! Be careful of what you wish for, comes to mind! Hopefully you'll all be back to dry, warm weather again soon! We hit 100 F today - just too damn hot!

gz said...

and its raining here too- in time to put out the village bunting for next week's fun day and hill run!!