Thursday, August 30, 2012

There is a niche in the market

We are back! Back from swanning round GB in search of people to talk to and drink tea with. Via Ullapool on the way home since the Tarbert ferry broke down yesterday - meaning another 130 miles driving on t'mainland and a 3 am arrival home this morning. So no, I have no snaps to show yet!

But it has come to my notice that there is a niche in the market. A market that is dwindling I grant you and is creating havoc with over-consumption of 'stuff' leading to the disrupted weather patterns no-doubt [I will expand on this at a later date I'm afraid]. Still,  whilst strechting my legs and after emptying my bladder on the log journey at various ghastly places , the newstands took my interest. So many magizines to be had these days. Practical houseboating, knitting, psychology - electronic imaging buying [always buying, very little using] and so on. And that makes it difficult to buy something should you want to. Rouleur drops on my mat from time to time at home so I wouldn't buy that even though it's brill. I like mags with nice photos but most photo mags are just about buying some over-pixelled imaging device. I want to see creative snaps. Blur, colour even. eh? Something interesting anyway.

What we need is Practical Magazine Buying mag. Brilliant! Inspiration on my part I think. I shall sit back now while someone nicks the idea and puts it into production adding to the destruction of the planet as habitable by humans. That way I could browse the thing at the newstand and come up with Oh Comely without having to look at every bit of trash on the stand! While we can still breathe and eat that is.

BTW; this mag has lovely images - and a lot of them film based :-)

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